Timechain Newsletter 03: Bananas on the Blockchain?

Newsletter 23.11.2022

Timechain Newsletter 03: Bananas on the Blockchain?

#3 Timechain Newsletter

Bitcoin is perfected property and perfected money: it is highly divisible, transmissible at the speed of light for next to no cost, supply capped, and has no physical footprint (so it cannot be seized or taxed without consent). Examine those properties in relation to an office block in downtown Manhattan and the advantages are clear and overwhelming. 

With the above in mind, we are delighted to announce we have backed Debifi, a Latvia-based business enabling bitcoin’s use case as super collateral. The market for bitcoin is global, 24/7, and highly liquid — traits Debifi will leverage to provide secure, reliable, and equitable access to lending systems for all users. Debify’s core team is highly experienced and has a track record of success, and we’re thrilled to include them in Timechain’s portfolio of world class teams building on Bitcoin in Europe and emerging markets. 

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