The Launch of Timechain

Opinion 02.11.2022

The Launch of Timechain

The launch of Timechain has now been announced in a number of publications. The fund is dedicated to equity investments in early-stage companies building on bitcoin and is over 60% of the way to its $21m first close target. 

Timechain will focus on pre-seed and seed investments of between $100k and $1m in companies building infrastructure solutions for bitcoin – the asset and the monetary protocol – including the lightning network, mining and energy and decentralized finance on bitcoin.

The fund will be led by Alexander Mann, Partner at Concentric, who has a track record of investing in startups in Europe and beyond, including BVNK and Superscript.

Timechain has already made six investments:

A stake of $750,000 in Unmapped Digital Mining, an 100% off grid, renewable bitcoin miner

A $100,000 stake in Bolt.Observer, which is building essential tooling for companies running lightning network nodes

Fedi, a privacy and scaling solution looking to bring billions of people in the global south onto the bitcoin standard

Galoy, open-source bitcoin infrastructure for nation state and corporate adoption of the bitcoin standard

Noah, a bitcoin first neo-bank focused on emerging markets where individuals are most at need of an independent, censorship resistant money

A further investment to be announced 

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