AnchorWatch partners with Insly

Investments 21.03.2024

AnchorWatch partners with Insly

Bitcoin insurance and custody solutions provider AnchorWatch (who Timechain recently backed in a $3m fundraise) has chosen to partner with Insly, (who we have funded via Concentric Fund 01) for its insurance software requirements.

The decision to partner with Insly was driven by its end-to-end solution and the team’s expert understanding of bitcoin.

AnchorWatch stands out as one of the pioneering entities offering an integrated custody and insurance solution designed to safeguard digital asset holders.

Through its custody solution, Trident Vault, AnchorWatch leverages sophisticated bitcoin smart contracts to distribute custody across multiple holders and geographical locations, thereby reducing risks associated with potential incidents such as fires, floods, and theft perpetrated by internal or external entities.

Additionally, AnchorWatch incorporates regulated property insurance directly into Trident Vaults, ensuring coverage for assets in case of loss.

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