We bring a bespoke approach to every opportunity.
Powered by our values and Activist mindset.

Activist Connections

Enriching Relationships

Trust and collaboration are essential for any great partnership. That’s why we strive to build deeper, personal relationships enriched by honesty and openness with everyone we work with. This togetherness is a catalyst for progress - driving innovation, resilience and experimentation that couldn’t be achieved alone.

Activist Vision

Dynamic Perspectives

We celebrate brave ideas and champion openness and originality. It’s a fluid, dynamic mindset that fosters an inclusive approach to every opportunity. Creating an inclusive space for opinion that’s enhanced through variety and empowers every voice to be heard.

Activist Ambition

Endless Energy

Our commitment to you and your venture never stops. Passionate and proactive, we constantly seek to push boundaries for our partners. Ours is a restless, determined spirit that lives and breathes through our entire network, and is shared by all our partners too.

We are a network of global experts united by a shared vision of the future of venture capital. Follow our thinking, events and opinions here.

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